This is very simple dynamic processor from Alesis company. It has only three controls -input(also a compression amount control),release,and In , Alesis Studio Electronics, and associates put on the market a range of effects and processors numriques, called MICRO SERIES. The Alesis MICRO LIMITER is a true stereo in/stereo out compressor/limiter which is used for automatic gain riding, peak limiting, and special effects on both live.

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The effect is visualized by 8 LED green, yellow and red for both dernires to signify saturation. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe.

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The Alesis gate proved very simple to become acquainted with. Small Print Terms of use Privacy.

Every musician eventually learns about the problems caused by noisy leads and devices such as chorus pedals, etc. The first product in the Micro series was the bit Microverb which, like its larger forebears, produces real studio quality digital reverb at a truly affordable price.

And not a change that we could all agree on.

This pre-amp with auxiliary input-output, is a multi-dot effect, the SEthe signal that comes from eight kinds reoit Sampler of S and some analog synths cheap, like the proton and the Evolver Each of these comes in a sturdy, 1U high by mm x mm metal box with stereo inputs and outputs on the mirco.

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Not satisfied with alexis reviews? Hopefully, Alesis will do the right thing and provide a single adaptor with a number of outputs to power multiple units.


This method of controlling the noise gate xlesis very well. Strange omission in a studio quality product. The effect is most useful in, say, the recording of vocals when the vocalist isn’t perhaps aware of how loud he or she may be.

Our members also liked: This machine was the ideal test-bed for the noise gate. Beehiving is always present, it’s just that it tends to stand out more when the instrument is supposed to be silent, ie.

We understand when ds, that this instrument is the specialist in tonn, but in contrast, trs intuitive, IDAL is for musicians like me who do not want to take the head! Can you imagine what it all can give! Certainly, there was a change; not a great change but a very subtle one.

Extensive compressor reviews and FAQ

I do have some reservations, however. To briefly explain, the process involved in psychoacoustic enhancement not something used by Alfred Hitchcock to ‘pep up’ Anthony Perkins prior to the famous ‘shower scene’ is a very subtle technique described as a mixture of high frequency boosting, compression and harmonic generation designed to resynthesize the upper harmonics of sounds which are otherwise lost in the recording process.

Personally, the separate mains adaptor is a minor annoyance. This is a compression ratio of 2: Operation of the Micro Limiter proved to be a little disorientating at first, since its control pots don’t immediately function in the manner I expected.

There was an improvement in the degree of bass resolution and a general improvement in high frequency definition. Finally, I can’t understand why the bypass switching on these units is not silent. What can I say?


By using our alewis, you agree to our use of cookies. Log in Become a member. Also, since each box is powered from its own external transformer, if you’re using all three devices as I was limjter the purpose of this review, then you’ve got to have another three mains sockets to plug them into, which is quite tiresome if your studio already has a serious wiring problem.

To finish then, I would recommend both the Micro Gate and Micro Limiter to anyone with serious aspirations but with limited cash.

As with all early attempts at polyphony, my string synthesizer was based on simple electronic organ technology and involved an enormous number of connections in a wiring ‘loom’. Previous Article in this issue Delirious Xcitement. They really are good quality and excellent value.

Alesis Micro Limiter

This should not cast the RCL in an unfavourable light. The latest additions to the series are three effects boxes: I reserved my judgement of the third addition to the Alesis Micro range until last. Please include your email address if you want to be contacted regarding your note. Is my hearing at all impaired? This limiter provides a powerful and warm. All three, I’ve posted in that order, between a pre-amp and mixer.