Total Cronbach’s alpha was The BDD-YBOCS had excellent inter-rater ( intra-class correlation coefficient [ICC] = ; p < ) and intra-rater reliability. The BDD-YBOCS is an observer rated scale to assess the severity of BDD The COPS is a self-report scale designed to screen for symptoms of BDD in. body dysmorphic disorder scale notes. The body dysmorphic disorder scale ( BDD-YBOCS) was developed by Katharine Phillips and colleagues (details at the .

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The following scales are routinely used in BDD. Please send us details of any further validated scales used for BDD.

Diagnosis and Clinical Assessment in BDD – BDD

It was developed by Katherine Phillips and colleagues and consists of 12 items and the range is from 0 to It is widely used as an outcome measure in controlled trials. A severity rating scale for body dysmorphic disorder: Psychopharmacology Bulletin, 33 1 The Brown Assessment of Beliefs Scale: American Journal of Psychiatry, 1 The score is achieved by summing the 9 items.

  ASTM E1527-13 PDF

Item numbers 2, 3, and 5 are reverse scored. Scores of 40 or above are strongly suggestive of a diagnosis of BDD. The scale may also be repeated during treatment and used as a measure of outcome.

BDD | Scales used for BDDScales used for BDD – BDD

It is available to complete on this website. It is free to use but should be cited in any publication. Journal of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, 65 4 The AAI is a self-report scale designed to be used weekly during therapy to help decide which yboca and behaviours to target during therapy. The questionnaire has 10 items and the range is 0 to The Appearance Anxiety Inventory.

Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy. The BDD-D is a self-report scale can be used as an outcome measure during therapy. It has just 5 items and the range is 0 to There are 5 items with a range of 0- We are not sure if the scale is that sensitive to change during treatment but this needs to be formally evaluated.

It contains seven items and is used for screening for BDD. It is available for a nominal fee or may be used for free in research write to Professor Cash.


Validation of the Body Image Disturbance Questionnaire in a non-clinical population. Body Image, 1 4 The norms and stability of new measures of the multidimensional body image construct. An International Journal of Research, 2, issue 2. yocs

It measures the quality of life related to body image and has been validated in BDD. It is available for a nominal fee or for free if used in research write to Professor Cash and is available from his website.

The impact of body-image experiences: International Journal of Eating Disorders, 31, A Multidimensional body image comparisons of eating disorders, body dysmorphic disorder and clinical controls: Body Image, 6 3 A score of 9 is used as a cut off for BDD. The Dysmorphic Concern Questionnaire: A screening measure for body dysmorphic disorder.

Aust N Z J Psychiatry.