Buy Sky Atlas 2ed Deluxe Edition on ✓ FREE the yellow green bright nebula, the red elliptical galaxies, the circular dotted yellow star. So, that points me to either the Bright Star Atlas or the Cambridge Star Atlas is great in the field, and the Sky Atlas Companion. This 10 map atlas of the night sky is drawn by Wil Tirion and is based upon the Hipparcos and Tycho Catalogs with a stellar limiting magnitude of Opposite.

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Great atlas, used to have it and wanted it again. That depends on your experience, your goals, and your telescope. Atlzs who are looking for an object just beyond the edges of the chart they are on must make their way to the index, find the adjacent chart, and only then go to where they want to go.

The problem is most sky atlases assume the user has at least a 6-inch diameter telescope, whereas the vast majority of beginners start with small 2. Click the ” Add to Shopping Cart ” button. These include galaxies, open clusters, diffuse nebulae, bright nebulae, planetary nebulae, double stars, and variable stars.

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Bright Star Atlas

There are photographs of areas of particular interest plus a map of briht far side of the Moon. Bright Star Atlas Add both to Cart Add both to List. Dave’s Universe Year of Pluto. The Cambridge Star Atlas Opposite each full page map Brian Skiff of the Lowell Observatory has prepared a tabular listing of interesting objects visible in binoculars or small telescopes.


Stars are continuously tapered to create a more realistic perspective. It contains many highly detailed drawings of lunar features, most of which are visible in a 6-inch telescope under ideal conditions. More info Field Edition: First, though magnitude 6. I almost always use Tirion’s Bright Star Atlas since I can see a big chunk of the sky at once, and easily find the most prominant objects.

Write a customer review. Three volumes Each volume is 9. Detailed, comprehensive, and complete, this three-volume set shows more than one million stars, three times as many as attlas other atlas in print. DeepMap shows the positions of the finest celestial objects visible from the Northern Hemisphere. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

Choose a star atlas that’s right for you

Third, the order of the charts is backwards. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Share your thoughts with other customers. Even when I’m using someone else’s stae telescope, I like to pull out the atlas and look at whatever part of the sky we’re at, brigght it’s easy to see what other interesting things might be nearby.

The Milky Way is portrayed with four shades of blue that represent approximate brightness levels Deluxe version only.

The atlas also plots nearly 1, double stars, variable stars, and deep-sky objects. Chandler 24 pages, 3rd Edition, August Level: I have a giant set of laminated sky charts with 8th magnitude stars–great for detailed star hopping, but too big and unweildy for casual observing.


It folds up like a road map and fits in my coat pocket. Available in 3 different versions — Deluxe, Field, and Desk refer to the handy table below for details. Providing a giant mosaic of the entire sky, this unique atlas is unparalleled in detail and completeness, making it indispensable for visual observers and astrophotographers. If you are set on a 6th magnitude atlas, there are better choices: Sinnott and Michael A.

Choose a star atlas that’s right for you |

It first appeared in and is now in its 20th edition. Preceding the maps is the unique and authoritative reference handbook covering timekeeping and positional measurements on the celestial sphere; the Sun, Moon and other bodies of the Solar System; telescopes ahlas other equipment for observing and imaging the sky; and stars, nebulae and galaxies.

I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? I was quickly impressed with the quality of the photographs of the star charts. Such information can pinpoint the object’s location, especially useful for very faint objects. Some years ago we purchased a pair of used binoculars and tucked them away in the car.

This book is big and heavy, so don’t plan on field use unless you have a portable desk or table to work from.