Christifideles laici is a post-synodal apostolic exhortation of Pope John Paul II, signed in Rome work in catechesis with parents being the primary catechists of their children. Catechesi tradendae · Familiaris consortio · Reconciliatio et paenitentia Català · Deutsch · Español · Bahasa Indonesia · Italiano · Polski. put the human soul not only in touch, but in communion with Jesus Christ. (~ Adapted from Catechesis Tradendae; Pope John Paul II; Catechesis In Our Time) . •The importance of the laity, of catechesis in mission work. Catechesi Tradendae is the Apostolic Exhortation of John Paul II on Catechesis given in Rome.

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The lay faithful together with the clergy and women and men religious, make up the one People of God and the Body of Christ. Yet other instances are the meetings of ecclesial basic communities, in so far as they correspond to the criteria laid down in the Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii nuntiandi.

If they do, they will be in danger – a danger that has unfortunately proved only too real – of disappointing their members and also the Church. But those who study are bound to bear the stamp of their studies, to be introduced to cultural or moral values within the atmosphere of the establishment in which they are taught, and to be faced with many ideas met with in school.

Making herself day after day a disciple of the Lord, she earned the title of “Mother tradendwe Teacher. Burke, Raymond – Mariology: From the communion that Christians experience in Christ there immediately flows the communion which they experience with one another: All these are traits that distinguish a young person from his or her companions as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Not only has tradnedae head been anointed but we, his body, have also been anointed Mary Undoer of Knots. This same fact is expressed in the new Code of Canon Law [77].


It lies at the origin of the Roman Catechism, which is also known by tradednae name of that council and which is a work of the first rank as a summary of Christian teaching and traditional theology for use by priests. John Chrysostom – to quote only them – gave prominence to the social consequences of the demands made by the Gospel. Hence the importance in catechesis of personal moral commitments in keeping with the Gospel and of Christian attitudes, whether heroic or very simple, to life and the world – what we call the Christian or evangelical virtues.

In this regard the Exhortation Evangelii Nuntiandi, that had such a great part in stimulating tardendae varied collaboration of the lay faithful in the Church’s life and mission of spreading the gospel, recalls that “their own field of evangelizing activity is the vast and complicated world of politics, society and economics, as well as the world of culture, of the sciences and the arts, of international life, of the mass media.

I join with it in encouraging you to continue your collaboration for the life of the Church.

The family’s catechetical activity has a special character, which is in a sense irreplaceable. A more subtle challenge occasionally comes from espakl very way of conceiving faith.

Indeed it must hope: Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The Church today lives a fundamental aspect of her mission in lovingly and generously accepting every human being, especially those who are weak and sick.

For all the more reason one must avoid presenting as certain things which are not. Even in our own times there is no lack of a fruitful manifestation of various charisms among the faithful, women and men.

Christifideles laici – Wikipedia

The plurality of methods in contemporary catechesis can be a sign of vitality and ingenuity. Each person should take into account what he does and consider vatechesis he is labouring in the vineyard of the Lord” [2]. The human family is thus in itself dramatically convulsed and wounded. Only a re-evangelization can assure the growth of a clear and deep faith, and serve to make these traditions a force for authentic freedom.


Then there are the traditional missions, often too hastily dropped but irreplaceable for the periodic and vigorous renewal of Christian life – they should be revived and brought up to date.

Faith Formation

Besides these great professions of faith of the magisterium, note also the popular professions of faith, rooted in the traditional Christian culture of certain countries; cf. Thus with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Baptism and Confirmation, the baptized share in the same traadendae of Jesus as the Christ, the Saviour-Messiah.

If conceived in this way, catechesis goes beyond every form of formalistic moralism, although it will include true Christian moral teaching.

Pius XII once stated: After agreeing with the labourers for a denarius a day, he sent them into his vineyard” Mt That is why the ecclesial community at all levels has a twofold responsibility with regard to catechesis: Language Suited to the Service of the Credo Fashion changes, but a profound reality remains.

Contributions of Contemporary Physics and Philosophy.

On the other hand, the ministerial priesthood, as the Catexhesis Vatican Council recalls, essentially has the royal priesthood of all the faithful as its aim and is ordered to it [67]. With this spiritual “unction”, Christians can repeat in an individual way the words of Jesus: They possess in common one salvation, one hope and one undivided charity” [28]. AAS 58 lp.