Dana Migas Masuk Dalam Draft Revisi UU Migas Oil and Gas Indonesia. Question a: Does the country have a natural resource fund which is funded by . The draft proposed Oil and Gas Bill states that BUK Migas is directly and atas catatan dari Badan Legislasi mengenai draf RUU Migas. The Oil and Gas Draft (RUU Migas) should have entered the latest revision. After that, submitted to the Legislature so that the middle of the year.

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This is the contents of the House of Representatives Migas bill which put Pertamina into a special oil and gas business entity. This special agency will fully manage the national oil and gas sector. BUK is responsible to the President.


In fact, the oil and gas sector concerns the livelihood of many people. The profit of BUK Migas is that there will be no arbitration to the country. Thus, the role of the state will not be disrupted if there is a dispute law problem with KKKS. Currently, the country’s position is parallel to the KKKS, because its cooperation directly to the state.


Pertamina Will Become Oil and Gas Special Agency | MEDIA MONITORING OIL AND GAS

Kurtubi said he was not worried if Pertamina’s authority became as big as in the New Rdaft era, if the revision of the Oil and Gas Law passed into law. According to him, once it was Pertamina contracted. In the contract, “he said. Sujatmiko, ESDM Ministry spokesman, said it is also currently preparing the main ideas about the mandate of the Constitution which will be translated in the revision of Oil and Gas Law.

If the DPR feels that it is so far away with the beleid, it is not the case with the government.

Sujatmiko said that the government has not yet reached the discussion on BUK Migas. Selaniutnya Working Committee will invite the proposer to be immediately harmonized. According to him, the oil and gas bill can guarantee the interests of national sovereignty.

UGM Submits Academic Paper on Oil and Gas Law Amendments to the House

So, according to him, if juxtaposed with the Law of SOE increasingly disconnected. The question is, where is this BUK position? Badan khusus ini akan mengelola penuh sektor migas nasional.

BUK bertanggungjawab ke Presiden. Padahal, sektor migas menyangkut hajat hidup orang banyak. Keuntungan BUK Migas adalah, tidak akan ada arbitrase ke negara.

Sehingga, peran negara tidak akan terganggu jika ada masalah dispute hukum dengan KKKS. Saat ini, posisi negara mibas dengan KKKS, karena kerjasamanya langsung ke negara. Kurtubi mengatakan dirinya tidak khawatir jika kewenangan Pertamina menjadi besar seperti pada era Orde Baru, jika revisi UU Migas ini lolos menjadi UU.


Menurutnya, dulu itu Pertamina migaas berkontrak. Dulu hanya Kuasa Pertambangan dipegang Pertamina. Jika DPR merasa sudah begitu jauh dengan beleid tersebut, tidak guu dengan pemerintah. Sujatmiko menyatakan, pemerintah belum sampai pada pembahasan soal BUK Migas. Selaniutnya Panitia Kerja akan mengundang pengusul agar segera diharmonisasi. Menurutnya, RUU Migas ini bisa menjamin kepentingan kedaulatan nasional.

Kami akan melakukan beberapa langkah. Nanti tunggu undangan dari badan legislasi secepatnya,”. Pertanyaannya, posisi BUK ini dimana? Kontan, Page, Tuesday, June 6, Follow by Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

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