or, The Constellations by Frances Rolleston. Philologos Religious Online Books Previous | Contents | Next. Mazzaroth [Frances Rolleston] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers . Mazzaroth: Or, the Constellations (By F. Rolleston). [Followed [Followed By] Mizraim; Or, Astronomy of Egypt by Frances Rolleston (). by Frances .

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There was foment for more rights for the lower classes and demand for freedom for women.

Scarborough Archaeological Society | ppl: Frances Rolleston

The Coptic have been thought to preserve the ancient Egyptian; the Greek, to have been translated from the Egyptian; the Latin, to have been derived from the Etruscans. By Plato we are informed that Solon made an investigation, apparently on scientific and theological subjects, into the power of names, and found that the Egyptians, from whom the Greeks derived them, had transferred them from “barbarian” dialects into their own language.

Laura is currently reading it Mar 09, Some of these stars are reckoned twice over, as El Nath, once in the horn of Taurus, again in the heel of Auriga, thus determining their connexion. It may be asked on what authority the figures of the constellations are drawn as we now have them. Hebrew name, Shur, the Bull, coming.

Mazzaroth, Mazzaroth, Mazzaroth, Lucifer. Drummond writes in The Band, uniting the Church before and after the first coming of the Lord. The tables are also intended to show the marks of design in the arrangement and correspondence of the names and figures, and the adaptation of the decans to the signs, as developing the leading ideas of those signs which they accompany.

The meaning of the names of astronomy transmitted by the Greeks should therefore be sought in the dialect of those from whom the Egyptians received the science. They suppose this science to have originated with an ancient and highly civilized people, who lived at that time in about lat.

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Steven Montgomery rated it liked it Mar 29, They may be held to belong to the primitive language.

Mazzaroth by Frances Rolleston

Nouet, a French astronomer, infers that the Egyptian astronomy must have arisen BC. So the innocence of the lamb suited with the holiness of the Saviour; so the force of the lion, His all-subduing power. Perseus, the Deliverer, breaking the bonds of the afflicted Church. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Dupuis, tracing roleston mythologies to the constellations, says, “All astronomers agree that the origin of astronomy is not to be found in history.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Jaco marked it as to-read Jul 09, The Southern Fish, the Church drinking in the water francse life.

The Chinese, and other ancient nations who began their year from Aquarius, still reckoned Aries the first of the signs: The agreement of the results of the two modes of transmission, the written and the emblematic, will here be seen. Draco, the francew who is to be trodden under foot. If Pi is taken as the Egyptian article, Mander may mean by its primitive root, devoted, consecrated: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

The Jews as in the Targum of Jonathan call him the great scribe, and say that he was drances first who composed books of astronomy.

As in the divinely ordained cherubic forms there was the face of a man, the Sethites would not scruple to include human figures in the constellations. Aries has always and every where been the first of the signs: This people may have been the antediluvians, and their destruction the flood.

Miss Frances Rolleston (1781-1864)

Ash, Arcturus, Hesperus, Vesperus. Ursa Major, the greater sheepfold, the Church after the first coming of Christ.

She would learn to read hieroglyphs fifty years later, but now as a student of astronomy she was asking herself this question: Gloria Bird marked it as to-read Aug 27, This work entailed locating building sites, finding people to underwrite the costs, preparing curricula and training teachers. These all, he says, asserted that they of the first world lived a thousand years; also, that “God gave the antediluvians such long life, that they might perfect those things which they had invented in astronomy.


The qualities from whence the things figured in the constellations were named made them suitable types of higher objects in which these qualities, though in a subordinate degree, were also to be found.

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Return to Book Page. The fountain had long been an important water source, known as far back as the days of King John. Montucla, another well-known mathematician and astronomer, attributes the origin of astronomy to the antediluvians.

Already a linguist—a gift found elsewhere in the Rolleston family—Frances traced those names and meanings back to their earliest use. Eleanor rated it really liked it Dec 21, Whatever age is assigned to the book, rklleston will be seen that these names are mentioned as of familiar objects, great works of God, which He alone can bring forth in their season.

Its descriptive epithets used as synonyms, and its melodious profusion of inserted vowels, ornament and may a little obscure the original idea, but do not alter the sense. Hydra, the serpent, the enemy. Few of these constellations appear to the eye as distinct groups, and still fewer have any similitude in form to the things after which they are named.

Rollesotn rated it really liked it Feb 25, Bailly says, “The origin of astronomy ascends beyond the period of authentic history”; Smythe, that “there can be little doubt that astronomy was nearly coeval with the world” Celest.

Developing a theory, supporting it with ten years of research at the British Museum, and preparing for publication turned into a fifty-year endeavor.