The Kedara Gowri Nombu is a days fasting period during which vows ( Viradam/Vratham) are taken to propitiate Lord Shiva in his form of Kedareshwara . Kedara Gowri Vratham, Kedareeswarar nombu story in english. Kethara Gowri vrat – english version – how to perform the pooja and the. Kedhara Gowri vradham familiarly known as Deepavali (Diwali) is celebrated throughout India in a grand manner. Without Caste creed, rich – poor differences .

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Kedara Gowri Vratha – A silver Kalasha is decorated with turmeric and kunkum.

Kedara Gowri Vrata Mahima | kedaragowri

The vessel filled with water has kunkum, turmeric, akshathe coin added to it. The inner rim of Kalasha is decorated with betel leaves.

A coconut is smeared with turmeric and kunkum on the mouth of the pot. Rangoli is drawn before placing the Kalasha on a plate or tray which has uncooked rice spread on it. Tie the thread after pooja and female should put it to neck with the help of her husband and male need to tie it to right hand with the help of their wife.


As is customary, we first worship the Ganesha idol before strat of any other pooja. In this festival all things they offer should be in the count of The fruits they offer are 5 types of fruits,21 beetle leaves, 21 beetle nuts should be kept during pooja. Kedara Gowri Food Menu Items – The food to be offered to god during pooja are kajjayya 21 deep fried in gheeChitra anna ,kosmbri ,palya and later it can be served as prasadam to family members.

Kedara Gowri Visarjane – The next day need to tell visarjane manthra and then take the kalsha believing that god is no more in that kalsha.

Significance of Kedara (Gauri) Vrata – Deepavali

After taking that prepare some sweet in that coconut kedaraa for Kalsha. Click here to see how hindu festivals are celebrated Traditionally. COMthe premier online community since for the Indian immigrant kfdara provides a range of resourceful services for immigrants and visitors in America.

Kedara Gowri or Deepavali Nomulu Festival. Kedareshwara or Kedara Gowri is celebrated all over India. This is one of the performed by devotees of Shiva irrespective of their caste, creed or social status. There is a legend behind the Kedara. This infuriated Goddess Parvathi and then Lord Shiva explained that since she had no powers she was not included in the pradakshina.


He then asked howri to observe this Kedara. Goddess Parvathi then observed the with full devotion.

Lord Shiva granted his left part. Since then this came to be known as Kedara Gowri.

Kedara Gowri Vratha is celebrated on Ashweeja amavasya. This Vratha is performed by a married couple. Kedara Gowri Food Menu Items.

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