LIZARDMEN WARBAND. By Tommy “Punk” Fransson. “Although the temple city is a ruin and the vaults of the Old Ones have been sealed there is no telling. Product Description. Sculpted by Faron Betchley, the lizardman warband is ready to defend their swampy homes from any intruders. Each pack comes with cruit and equip your initial Warband. The maximum number of warriors in the warband may never exceed Heroes. Skink Priest: Each Lizardmen warband.

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There is no need to assemble an army to rout them out as they are already fighting amongst themselves. Warban can resist his attack. I prefer them on round bases, just looks so much better than square on an individual basis. The priest prays to the sun god Chotec and sends destruction on his enemies.

Skink heroes may buy dark venom at a cost of 20 gc and black lotus lizradmen a cost of 10 gc. On this mission they provide the heavy support to the warband. Huanchi 10 gc Those blessed by master of stealth bear no distinctive mark. Saurus were created as excellent warriors but they lack in nearly everything else. They lay ambushes or provide a covering hail of arrows and javelins when a hit and lizarrmen Warband retreats back into the jungle.

Only these reliable persons can be given the task of leading lizardmen warband. Both of these items are treated as a common item however Skinks may only use them on missile weapons.

As this is a domain of skinks, Saurus heroes can never become leaders of the warband and leadership of Saurus or kroxigor can never be used for route tests and the warband can never have more Saurus warriors than there are skink warriors. Shield attack can be used with a sword, mace, axe or spear in the second hand. A single lizardman model within 6″ of the skink priest or himself may make warvand additional sprint of movement and move up to 4″.


Normally a small Warband such as this would be lead by a natural Skink leader or one of the rare somewhat intelligent Saurus Veterans, however the liazrdmen of this mission is to observe the plunderers and only react if they stray to close to a hidden chamber or otherwise interferes too much.

The Skink Priests are easily recognizable as they paint their skins black, and then add further paint to form the colourful mystic symbols associated with their god.

Only a single model may be affected by the blessing at any given time. Battle Roar – the saurus’s roar is so deafening, that enemy models in base contact suffer -1 to hit in the first round of combat against them.

He may charge with this extra move.

DoomOnYou 29 December at Wow Rogue Trader, Necromunda, and Mordheim. The Skink priest may be equipped from the Braves Equipment list.

Sea green colour shows the mark of water deity Tzunki.

Mordheim Lizardmen Warband | Lustria Online

They function as scouts and patrol the jungles and return with an early report of the arrival lizxrdmen a new ship laden with plunderers.

Saurus equipment list Hand to hand Combat Weapons dagger Tzunki 10gc Sea green colour shows the mark of water deity Tzunki.

Rogue Trader command crew Work in Progress. I’ll GM a game and hopefully everyone will feel inspired – I know Major Hazard has painted up a band of vintage Citadel Skaven, so they’ll hopefully see some use should post them here! Saurus warriors may buy dark venom and black lotus and use it on their close combat weapons as normal, but they have to purchase it as normal from the trading chart. The Skink Hoppers may be equipped from the Braves Equipment list. They are able to understand commands but their speech is very limited and they lack intelligence to really benefit from experience.


The best warrior of a spawning of Saurus is called the spawning champion. They’re immune to fear and all alone tests. Skinks can never receive Strength skills Infiltration – as skaven skill of the same name Great Hunter – Some skinks are so proficient with ranged weapons, their hands are steady and they shoot with unseen accuracy.

Lizardmen Mordheim Warband

It’s funny to see them on round bases, but it seems better for the ducking and weaving of a skirmish game. Kroxigors resemble Saurus but are much bigger and more powerful creatures. Tepok 10 gc The mysterious feathered serpent god signs his chosen by purple colour.

I want to run a few games set in different places around the Warhammer world, so pirates seemed an appropriate faction as they can go pretty much anywhere in the world!

Lizardmen magic uses winds of magic and is considered magic not prayer even when the spells have a form of a prayer to a specific Old One. The model suffers a -2 WS penalty in hand to hand combat, but still may shoot normally. See page 92 of the Mordheim rulebook for full rules.